Saudi Arabia – ARKTOS® Evacuation Craft

The latest ARKTOS® Evacuation Craft delivered and operating.
Transported by an Antonov AN-124

ARKTOS® Developments Ltd. has successfully delivered an ARKTOS® Evacuation Craft to Saudi ARAMCO’s Berri Oil Field, on the Gulf coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This Craft is a critical component for safe drilling and production operations in the field’s coastal shallow water environment, where there is a risk of sudden release of highly toxic Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) gas.

ARKTOS® Evacuation Craft are capable of driving through toxic gas and burning oil-on-water, across all coastal terrains and conditions, in all sea states and weather conditions, thus allowing safe and reliable evacuation for 52 persons.

This particular Craft has special adaptations for the hot climate environment, including a high capacity cooling package for the engines and drivelines, custom cabin air conditioning that is compatible with the positive pressure breathing air system.

Another benefit of the ARKTOS® Craft evacuation solution is its minimal impact on the sensitive environment found in these coastal areas. The Craft’s low ground pressure allow it to drive over these sensitive areas and ecosystems without causing major damage. Other marine solutions would require dredging of channels and ground disturbance.

As the Berri field has multiple drill sites, the ARKTOS® Evacuation Craft can be quickly and easily relocated under its own power, or with the assistance of a standard low bed trailer for longer road distances.

Certifications and Qualifications