Demonstrating ARKTOS Amphibious Craft’s ability to operate in a wide range of extremely challenging environments:

  • Operating in Thin Ice

  • Climbing a 1-metre / 3-foot Ice Edge from Deep Water

  • Barge / Trailer Towing

  • MultiTask Craft – Water and Crane Operations

  • MultiTask Craft – Ice Breaking/Management

  • Moving through Blocks of Ice in Deep Water

  • Operating on a Shoreline

  • Operating in 50 cm / 20” New Sea Ice

  • Solid Ice

  • Rough Water

  • Craft Development – Canadian Coast Guard Trials

  • Craft Development – Prototype Testing in the Arctic Ocean and Alberta, Canada

  • Seismic Survey Craft in Deep Mud

  • Discovery Channel: MEAN MACHINES

  • Evacuation Craft – US Coast Guard Certification Tests

  • Trial Evacuation

  • Loading for Road Transportation

  • Driving into an Antonov AN-124 Heavy Transport Airplane

Certifications and Qualifications