Saudi Arabia – ARKTOS® Evacuation Craft

ARKTOS® Developments Ltd. has successfully delivered an ARKTOS® Evacuation Craft to Saudi ARAMCO’s Berri Oil Field, on the Gulf coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This Craft is a critical component for safe drilling and production operations in the field’s coastal shallow water environment, where there is a risk of sudden release of highly […]

ARKTOS Developments Ltd. nominated by Surrey Board of Trade for innovation

Surrey-based company redefines mobility Arktos vice-president Darlene Seligman and president Bruce Seligman, with a pair of their company’s amphibious vehicles | Submitted In a time when climate change has accelerated the pace of change of the physical world around us, making some parts of the map more treacherous to get to, a Surrey-based company is […]

Featured in Coast Guard Outlook Magazine

An Arctic Foothold – The Coast Guard’s first evaluation of amphibious craft in the Arctic Article featured in Coast Guard Outlook 2013 written by Craig Collins. Click the image below to read the full article.

Looking into the Future.

Looking into the Future. The Canadian Army & Royal Canadian Navy have several projects on the drawing board. Written by David Pugliese. Featured on page 12.

ARKTOS Builds New Amphibious Crane Craft

ARKTOS Developments Ltd. has been awarded a contract from SUNCOR ENERGY INC. to build an ARKTOS MultiTask-50 Amphibious Crane Craft for operation in SUNCOR’s oil sands settling ponds in Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. The principle use of the Craft will be to carry out lifts in and around the ponds using a Craft mounted HIAB […]

The Ultimate ‘Go Anywhere’ Amphibious Craft

There are many vehicles and craft that claim to have ‘go anywhere capability’ but none can get close to the performance offered by an ARKTOS Craft.These unique Craft, which are designed and manufactured by ARKTOS Developments Ltd. (ADL) of Surrey, BC, Canada, have the highest level of all-round amphibious mobility in the world. Due to […]

Waterfront – Fraser River: Steveston and the South Arm

Waterfront – Fraser River: Steveston and the South Arm Arktos Craft Certainly among the more unusual vessels you’ll find in the Fraser River, these two amphibious evacuation craft, A1-A2 and B1-B2, were undergoing sea trials at the launch ramp and wharf in front of Don McNiece’s Bridgeview Marine. They were designed and built by Arktos […]

ARKTOS able to stand on guard for thee

Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic could one day be protected by an amazing vehicle designed and built in Surrey. ARKTOS Developments Ltd. said yesterday it has been in discussions with the Department of National Defence to modify an amphibious Evacuation Craft for use as a rescue and patrol vehicle. “We need to know what’s going […]

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