Current and Potential Applications for amphibious conditions:

  • Evacuation for Offshore Oil Platforms or Cruise Ships
  • Ice Management (river jams, pathways for ferries/boats etc.)
  • Ice road Construction and Maintenance
  • Seismic Survey Craft (shallow water, deep mud and transitions zones)
  • Pipeline Service Craft
  • Wind Farm Service Craft
  • Amphibious Crane Craft
  • Amphibious Fire-Fighting
  • Amphibious Ferry (Passengers only)
  • Ship to Shore duties (personnel transport, re-supply etc.)
  • Ship to boat (in ice conditions)
  • Towing (amphibious barges, mobile camps, disabled boats, life-rafts, oil spill booms etc.)

Strategic Government Support (Coast Guards, Defence, Police etc.) examples:

  • Surveillance/investigations
  • Servicing Remote Communities
  • Search and Rescue
  • Disaster Response (flooding, earthquakes, tsunamis etc.)
  • Oil Spill Response
  • Oil Spill Prevention (monitoring)
  • Port Authority Support (especially in ice or mixed ice/water conditions)
  • Scientific Research
  • Mapping

Adventure tours (Resorts, Cruise Ships etc. in areas such as Arctic/Antarctic)

Logistical Support (eg. uncharted waters, shallow water, rough shorelines, mixed ice/water)

Other – ARKTOS Craft can be modified to meet a customer’s specific requirements, allowing access in to areas that are otherwise inaccessible


Certifications and Qualifications