ARKTOS® Amphibious Craft

ARKTOS Craft are proven to have the highest level of all-round amphibious mobility; particularly while crossing the transition between ice and water.

Due to their unique design, ARKTOS Craft have an unsurpassed ability to climb vertical steps from deep water (multi-year ice-floes), operate in mixed ice/water conditions, and maneuver through ice-rubble fields, significant side slopes, steep grades, deep mud, muskeg, quicksand, shallow water and other water transition zones.

ARKTOS Craft are able to operate in all weather conditions, poor visibility and rough seas. These Craft have the ability carry heavy loads and tow equipment such as amphibious barges, disabled boats, life-rafts and oil spill booms etc.

ARKTOS Craft’s design also include additional safety and survivability features for harsh climates.

Production Models include:

  • US Coast Guard Approved 52 Person ARKTOS Evacuation Craft which are located on offshore structures that are seasonally surrounded by ice in the US Beaufort Sea in Alaska.
  • The Republic of Kazakhstan Approved 50 and 52 Person ARKTOS Evacuation Craft which are located in the North Caspian Sea.
  • ARKTOS Seismic Survey Craft for CNPC for operation in the Bohai Delta, China.
  • A larger Transport Canada Approved ARKTOS Multi-Task Craft for operation in Fort McMurray, Alberta.
  • ARKTOS Amphibious Response Craft, located in Vancouver BC, and is available for demonstration, rental/lease, disaster response, search and rescue etc.

New Models currently in development:

  • A self-righting ARKTOS Evacuation Craft for offshore platforms, Adventure Tours, Cruise Ships etc. Model testing has already successfully proven this Craft’s self-righting capability.
  • A smaller, faster Air Transportable ARKTOS Craft has also being developed and has been designed to be air transported by a Lockheed Martin C130J (or similar/larger), air lifted by a Chinook Helicopter (or similar/larger), by lifting each Unit separately. This size of Craft can also be deployed by a 20 tonne crane from a ship for applications such as ship to shore duties, patrol and rescue missions.

The ARKTOS team specializes in solving the most difficult amphibious mobility challenges and is able to modify the design of ARKTOS Craft to meet specific customer requirements. The maximum weight (and loading of weight) will be determined by the size of Craft and stability safety regulations.

Existing Models

Planned New Models

Certifications and Qualifications