ARKTOS® Amphibious Barges

ARKTOS Amphibious Craft’s strong bollard pull in water and strong drawbar pull on solid ice or land give them the ability to tow heavy loads including amphibious barges.

A 5 tonne capacity amphibious wheeled barge was initially designed and built to be towed by ARKTOS Craft for carrying oil spill equipment for near shore operations.

ARKTOS Developments Ltd. has completed the detailed design and stability calculations for a 15 tonne capacity wheeled barge to be towed by the larger ARKTOS MultiTask Craft.

The detailed design and stability calculations has been completed for a 16 tonne capacity skid barge for operation in open water, in mixed ice/water and on solid ice. The initial application for this barge is for ice island construction; however, it could also conduct all of the duties listed below in other amphibious conditions such as shallow water, beaches, tidal flats, muskeg and swamps.

Examples of duties that can be undertaken by these ARKTOS Amphibious Barges which allow ease of access to ground or water level:

  • Carry all types of oil spill response equipment such as oil containment booms, gelled fuel for in situ burning and chemical dispersants, etc.
  • Ship to shore cargo duties in amphibious conditions
  • Carry mobile camps (in and out) transport trucks, snowmobiles or quads, etc.
  • Carry equipment for ice road construction and maintenance
  • Carry spray equipment etc. for ice island building
  • Carry equipment for pipeline service
  • Other logistical challenges in amphibious zones

ARKTOS Developments Ltd. has the expertise to custom design amphibious barges (of various sizes) to meet each customer’s load requirements for the logistical conditions they will be operating in.

Existing Models

Planned New Models

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