ARKTOS® Developments Ltd.

ARKTOS Developments Ltd. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated Company located in Surrey, BC CANADA and was incorporated in September 1993.


ARKTOS® Developments Ltd. – Activities

  • Sales of amphibious ARKTOS Craft
  • Sales of amphibious ARKTOS Barges
  • Leasing of amphibious ARKTOS Craft (with operators)
  • Design and manufacture of amphibious ARKTOS Craft
  • Design and manufacture of amphibious ARKTOS Barges
  • Design and manufacture of components/product for other customers
  • After sales Service of ARKTOS Craft
  • After sales Training of operators for ARKTOS Craft

ARKTOS® Developments Ltd. – Team


ARKTOS Developments Ltd. has a team of Designers, Engineers and Naval Architects that enable the company to custom build ARKTOS Craft to meet the needs of its customers.

ARKTOS Developments Ltd. has a complete manufacturing facility that also has trained resin infusion specialists that can design and build customized composite parts for customers.

Bruce Seligman

Darlene Seligman
Vice President

Luis C. Dos Santos
Project Manager

Francis Moore
Technical Supervisor

Certifications and Qualifications