ARKTOS® Developments Ltd.

ARKTOS Developments Ltd. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated Company located in Surrey, BC CANADA and was incorporated in September 1993.


ARKTOS® Developments Ltd. – Activities

  • Sales of amphibious ARKTOS Craft
  • Sales of amphibious ARKTOS Barges
  • Leasing of amphibious ARKTOS Craft (with operators)
  • Design and manufacture of amphibious ARKTOS Craft
  • Design and manufacture of amphibious ARKTOS Barges
  • Design and manufacture of components/product for other customers
  • After sales Service of ARKTOS Craft
  • After sales Training of operators for ARKTOS Craft

ARKTOS® Developments Ltd. – Team


ARKTOS Developments Ltd. has a team of Designers, Engineers and Naval Architects that enable the company to custom build ARKTOS Craft to meet the needs of its customers.

ARKTOS Developments Ltd. has a complete manufacturing facility that also has trained resin infusion specialists that can design and build customized composite parts for customers.

Certifications and Qualifications